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Preparation Is The Key To Monetizing Your Most Valuable Asset And No One Better Prepares You Than Crossroads Business Transition GroupSM.

Crossroads Business Transition Group (CBTG) is a professional consulting and business transfer advisory firm. CBTG helps privately held business owners prepare their business, and themselves, for an eventual transfer. Our services provide a foundation for the future and action points with which to meet that future in better financial condition; making your business more valuable in the eyes of a successor. We differentiate ourselves by also focusing on you, the owner, and supporting achievement of your goals and objectives, both business and personal.

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A Personalized Roadmap To Exit Your Business On Your Terms.

Our business owner consulting services provide a personalized roadmap to exit your business on your terms and include four primary areas:

  • Exit Planning / Business Valuation
  • Value Enhancement
  • Personal Planning
  • Business Transfer

Each service area utilizes proven methodologies that are customizable to reflect the uniqueness of your business, and you. They are designed as building blocks but can be implemented independently in certain situations.

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Exit Planning: It’s Not The End, It’s The BeginningSM

Exit Planning. Terrible name. Terribly important to your satisfaction with your future. PriceWaterhouseCoopers completed a study that showed 75% of business owners regretted selling their business 12 months after the closing. Why?  Because they were not prepared for what life after business would be like. 

Very few had planned for their transition. None had taken a holistic approach to their planning. Many did not know what they were likely to get for their business, or knew what they wanted to accomplish in their life after selling. Many did not know the impact taxes would have on the final amount received. 

An Exit Planning engagement addresses these areas and more, via a thorough assessment of your business, yourself, and key stakeholders in your life; both business and personal. This information is then developed into Action Plans keyed to Value Enhancement  and Personal Planning. The Value Enhancement section identifies key business buyer value drivers and highlights those where  changes would likely add to your business’s fair market value. The Personal Planning section identifies key needs for both you and your family.

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Positioning For The Highest Value

The Value Enhancement phase drives implementation of improvements to those key buyer value drivers. This phase is typically rolled out as a series of mini-engagements. This permits you to focus on the drivers that will yield the quickest and/or highest return on investment. In effect, these engagements can virtually fund themselves.

This phase may also include a repeatability assessment with recommendations for process improvement and growth related replicability.

Positioning For Peace Of Mind

The Personal Planning phase focuses on you and your personal and family goals. This, too, is typically rolled out as a series of mini-engagements. This permits you to focus first on the highest priority areas that could impact your operations and/or your fair market value if the unforeseen occurs.

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Transfer: Achieving The End Game

At some point in the future, you will need to transfer your business to a new owner. Securing the best value for your business is the ultimate goal. This requires determining the right buyer, preparing the right information to present, targeting that buyer, and stringently managing the offer, due diligence, financing, and closing processes. The same basic process, with certain family sensitive customizations, is applied to next generation transfers.

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Business Transfer Plus+SM

Unfortunately, not every business owner gets the opportunity to plan for his or her future. Illness, partner dispute, death, divorce and many other unforeseen circumstances do occur. And some businesses just reach a point where a new owner is the best option. 

It may be the wife who finds herself running a business she knows nothing about, or the son who is not ready doing the same thing. It may be your number one person thrust into an executive manager role without a proper framework in place and little or no written direction provided. It may be your business has stalled and you just don’t have the energy to get it on a growth path again. Regardless of reason, all of these distress situations require speed of transfer to be the top priority as the business’ fair market value is surely suffering. 

CBTG’s methodologies, under certain circumstances, can be modified and compressed to support a speedy transfer with a focus on getting the highest possible value in the shortest possible time. In other cases, such as approaching bankruptcy or the need to close the doors before that happens, CBTG can implement a straight sale process that foregoes virtually all of the methodologies in the need for speed. However, some preparation is needed even in these cases. And your business must have some saleable value, whether that be tangible and/or intangible.

Our Philosophy: It’s All About Trust

At CBTG we continually update our skills via professional certification and licensing. That means you can rest assured we are a very capable firm.
However, we believe that good old gut feel is just as important. You need to be able to have complete trust in us as this process requires a significant level of disclosure.  You must be completely at ease with us and we with you. Simply put, trust produces better results.