Professional Advisors

Crossroads Business Transition Group (CBTG) is a professional consulting and business transfer advisory firm. CBTG helps privately held business owners prepare their business, and themselves, for an eventual transfer.

At CBTG, we know and value the role you play with our mutual client. Whether you are an accountant, attorney, financial advisor, or other trusted advisor, you have insight and knowledge that no other person has, aside from the owner(s); and maybe even they aren’t aware of some insights you possess. For that reason, and because it delivers a better result to the business owner, Crossroads Business Transition Group takes a team approach and integrates all current advisors into our business owner services. If additional subject matter expertise is required, current advisors will be consulted as to who that/those expert(s) should be. (CBTG has relationships with certain subject matter experts and can offer recommendations as appropriate.) We also, whenever practical, recommend existing advisors be retained for a reasonable period before considering new advisors. We believe this in the best interest of all concerned in most cases and will support a more successful transition to a new owner.

CBTG’s business owner consulting services provide a personalized roadmap to exit a business on the owner’s terms and include four primary areas:

  • Exit Planning / Business Valuation
  • Value Enhancement
  • Personal Planning
  • Business Transfer

Each service area utilizes proven methodologies that are customizable to reflect the uniqueness of the business, and the business owner. They are designed as building blocks but can be implemented independently in certain situations.

Please visit the Business Owners and Business Buyers pages for more information on all of our services.